US declares Wagner Group is a criminal organization

RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 21 Jan 2023 by Alex Teddy

On January 20 the US made the ruling about the Russian private military company. The US estimates that Wagner has 50,000 fighters in Ukraine, and 80% of them were released from prison to fight. Wagner also has fighters in several African countries.  The US now regards Wagner as equivalent to the mafia. White House spokesman John Kirby accused Wagner of ''widespread atrocities''. He claimed that Wagner's relative success has caused resentment and rancor in the Russian Army. The White House showed the media photos that purported to be North Korea providing arms to Wagner for use in Ukraine. Russian trains go to North Korea and collect rockets and missiles. The US said this is Russia breaching the sanctions on North Korea that Russia itself voted for.  It is speculated that the head of Wagner is so keen to conquer towns like Soledar because he wishes to profit from its mines. The US speculates that Putin is siding with the Army rather than Wagner.

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