Zelensky hails arms package

RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 07 Jan 2023 by Alex Teddy

On January 7 the Ukrainian President applauded Western countries for unprecedented arms shipments. The US is going to send Bradley armored fighting vehicles that destroy tanks as well as anti-aircraft missiles, drones, rockets, howitzers and high precision weapons. On January 6 the US announced the USD 3 billion air package. France announced that it is providing Ukraine with AMX 10 RC armored vehicles for the first time. France had been circumspect about arming Ukraine. President Macron spoke to Putin several times since the war began and had been keen to end the war through talks. But Paris now seems to believe that Ukrainian victory is the most likely way to end the war. Ukraine has often said it wants German leopard tanks. Pressure is growing on Germany to increase arms shipments. 80% of arms shipments to Ukraine come from the US. The United Kingdom is the second biggest donor. France provides only a quarter of what the UK provides despite having similar-sized populations and economies. Germany provides less than France. Australia is providing Bushmaster vehicles, which are impervious to landmines.  NATO has clearly accepted that this war is not going to end in 2023. Moreover, it needs to prove to Russia that NATO's resolve is not about to fail.  Ukraine said that despite Russia's unilateral ceasefire on January 6 and 7, the Russians still fired rockets at Ukraine. Russia denies this. Western pundits speculated that Russia declared a ceasefire as a trick because Russia desperately needs respite.

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