GlobalSource Partners Country Analyst
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Alex Teddy, Russia / FSU Politics
Head, EMEA Operations, Urus Advisory

GlobalSource Partners’ Russia/FSU Country Analyst Alexander Teddy has worked for many years in risk consulting, beginning with his tenure at the London firm GPW & Co as part of its corporate investigations team. There he worked on multi-jurisdictional problem-solving and market-entry risk advisory for FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 firms. He subsequently worked for nearly five years in the Moscow office of the Control Risks Group, where he managed high-level corporate investigations and forensics projects, including several long-term projects in the Caspian and Caucasus regions, as well as investigations and monitoring across the CIS. He honed his understanding of companies and markets as a corporate analyst at the Russian investment bank Otkritie and as a capital markets analyst at Dow Jones Newswires.

Alexander is a graduate of the University of Oxford and University of Bristol. He is fluent in Russian, French and English and is professionally proficient in Polish and Spanish.