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Localexpert portrait argentina esteban fernandez medrano
Esteban Fernández Medrano, Argentina
Former Advisor, Economy Ministry

Esteban Medrano is a leading analyst of Argentina’s macro and market dynamics. Over a career in government and in the private sector he has developed a reputation for his incisive macroeconomic analysis, deep knowledge of the country’s sectoral dynamics, and his project finance expertise.

Based in Buenos Aires, Mr. Medrano is a partner of the independent consulting firm MacroVision. He is also one of GlobalSource’s local partners in Argentina.

Mr. Medrano was a senior advisor to Argentina’s Ministry of Economy, providing macroeconomic and policy analysis to the ministry. He subsequently covered Argentina and Chile for IDEA Global from New York, and also provided economic coverage for Ecuador, Peru and Brazil. In addition to his work at MacroVision, he is an economist and general director at Prospectiva 2020, a foundation to promote dialog and business opportunities in the energy, biotech, information technology and agribusiness fields. His work for the foundation includes debt restructuring and project analysis for companies in the pharmaceutical and alternative energy sectors.

Mr. Medrano holds a B.S. in economics with a specialty in international economics from the University of Buenos Aires, where he was an assistant lecturer. He also received a full scholarship to study at Kiel Institute of World Economics in Germany.