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Robert Funk, Chile
Former President, Political Science Association

GlobalSource Partners’ Chile Country Analyst Dr. Robert Funk is one of Chile’s leading political scientists. In addition to a distinguished career teaching and fostering democratic reform, he is widely sought by the media for his balanced analysis of current political events.

Dr. Funk is Executive Director of .Plural, a think tank dedicated to promoting democratic reform in Chile. He also teaches political science at the Institute for Public Affairs of the University of Chile.

Dr. Funk has consulted on Latin American political risk for a variety of government and private sector institutions. He is a former president of the Chilean Political Science Association and was Deputy Director of the Institute for Public Affairs of the University of Chile. In addition to comparative and Latin America politics, his research specialties include democratization, the presidency as an institution, and the political elite in Latin America.

Dr. Funk is a frequent commentator on radio and television both in Chile and internationally, and is a regular columnist for the newspaper La Tercera and Capital magazine. He is also the editor of Política, the University of Chile’s political science journal, and is currently Non-Resident Senior Advisor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC.He holds a Ph.D. in government from the London School of Economics and Political Science.