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The paradox of losing before the elections
ARGENTINA - Report 19 Aug 2019 1 response
The unexpected electoral result of the primaries stunned the government and left the president with a paradoxical dilemma. How can Macri recognize a defeat if the actual elections have not yet taken place? And yet, how can he convincingly help in the upcoming electoral process, if the primaries s...

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​Hernán Lacunza replaces Nicolas Dujovne as Economic Minister
ARGENTINA - In Brief 17 Aug 2019
After some days of rumors that former economic minister Nicolas Dujovne wanted to resign to his post, the government announced this Saturday that Hernán Lacunza, former Economic Minister of the Province of Buenos Aires, assumes the position left behind by Dujovne. Dujovne felt responsible for the...

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Unexpected results in the Primaries - Game Over for Macri?
ARGENTINA - In Brief 12 Aug 2019 2 responses
The results for the government in the obligatory, simultaneous primary elections (PASO) have been much worse than expected. The Kirchnerists obtained a landslide victory, in particular for candidates for president and governor of the province of Buenos Aires, i.e., the two most critical electoral...

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Lower inflation and incipient recovery improves economic prospects
ARGENTINA - Forecast 23 Jul 2019
Monthly inflation fell from 4.7% in March to 2.7% in June. Early indicators, based on online prices, suggest that monthly inflation may end July at close to 2%. And economic activity indicators, though still in negative territory compared with 2018, show improvements with respect to Q1 2019. This...

Gsp report report thumbnail
Electoral kickoff
ARGENTINA - Report 12 Jul 2019 1 response
The electoral campaign for the August 9 open primaries officially started on July 12. As they are mandatory and simultaneous, all candidates have to participate. However, as happened in previous elections, most political parties have already decided who will be their only candidate for the lea...

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​A truly political tangle: PJ-Pichetto as Macri’s vice-presidential candidate
ARGENTINA - In Brief 11 Jun 2019 1 response
In our last monthly report (“Political tango or political tangle?”) we echoed the view that in case Massa abandoned Alternativa Federal to join forces with the Kirchnerists (as is expected to be announced any moment), that Macri might consider the possibility of widening the Cambiemos´ coalition ...

Gsp report report thumbnail
Political tango or political tangle?
ARGENTINA - Report 04 Jun 2019 2 responses
In this report, we review the current political discussions ahead of the presidential elections. We consider this essential to better understand the economic implications of the current political moves and countermoves. As we move closer to June 12 (the deadline for the recognition of politica...

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Cristina Fernández de Kirchner runs for vice-president
ARGENTINA - In Brief 20 May 2019
In a very professionally produced video, with a strong emotional language, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (CFK) confirmed this Saturday that she would run in August in the primary election for president with Alberto Fernandez, the former Chief of Cabinet during Nestor Kirchner’s mandate. The surp...

Gsp report forecast thumbnail
Government tries to stabilize the exchange rate as expectations worsen
ARGENTINA - Forecast 29 Apr 2019 1 response
During the first quarter of 2019, the Argentine economy performed worse than expected by the government, by the IMF and by most private forecasters. Inflation was much higher than anticipated. The exchange rate, in pesos per dollar, began depreciating rapidly in March towards the upper limit o...

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