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Government evaluation
BRAZIL POLITICS - Report 23 Aug 2019
VEJA/FSB Survey: Divided electorate and Bolsonaro's favoritism in 2022 The poll conducted by the FSB institute and published in Veja magazine shows that voters are divided over Jair Bolsonaro's government. While 48% of respondents disapprove of his governing style, 44% support it.

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Support for the economic agenda and other weekly topics
BRAZIL POLITICS - Report 19 Aug 2019
The Senate Constitution and Justice Committee will hold several public hearings on Pension Reform. On Friday, August 23, Senator Tasso Jereissati (PSDC-CE) presents a preview of his report. Minister Paulo Guedes discusses the Federative Pact with senators. Congress meets to vote on the LDO and ve...

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Pension Reform in the Senate and other weekly topics
BRAZIL POLITICS - Report 12 Aug 2019
Minister of the Economy Paulo Guedes is expected to present the government’s Tax Reform proposal. In the Lower House, the rapporteur, Aguinaldo Ribeiro (PP-PE), presents his workplan. In the Senate, the CCJ begins discussions on Pension Reform. This week’s Talking Points * Pension Refo...

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Lower House concludes Pension Reform vote
BRAZIL POLITICS - Report 08 Aug 2019
The Lower House on August 7 concluded voting on Pension Reform. The proposal now moves to the Senate. In the Senate, there are fewer instances for deliberation on a constitutional amendment, which makes progress of the proposal less complex and swifter. The Constitutional Amendment Proposal (PEC,...

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The positive agenda, President Bolsonaro’s popularity and other weekly topics
BRAZIL POLITICS - Report 05 Aug 2019
The Lower House may conclude voting on Pension Reform, sending the text to the Senate. Caixa releases the calendar for withdrawals from FGTS and PIS/PASEP accounts; the government estimates an injection of R$ 28 billion in the economy this year. On Thursday, IBGE releases inflation data for July....

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Pension reform: risk of changes in the second round and other weekly topics
BRAZIL POLITICS - Report 29 Jul 2019
The government and truckers will take part in a new round of negotiations on the cargo pricing table. Meetings are scheduled for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Brasília. The Central Bank may finally reduce the benchmark interest rate, currently at 6.5% per year. On Thursday, Congress and Superi...

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The ball is in the Senate’s court and other weekly topics
BRAZIL POLITICS - Report 22 Jul 2019
The government announces economic stimulus measures. On Tuesday, it launches a program for the new market for natural gas. The next day, it announces permission for FGTS and PIS/PASEP withdrawals. The publication of a decree that allows for the returning of concessions that are financially in tro...

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Pension Reform: The worst has passed and other weekly topics
BRAZIL POLITICS - Report 15 Jul 2019
Congress enters its midyear recess on Thursday, July 18. The government may present details of the Tax Reform proposal it will sent to Congress. The economic team may announce economic stimulus measures. President Bolsonaro takes part in the Mercosur Summit in Argentina. Brazil takes over preside...

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Pension Reform: Breaking down the vote
BRAZIL POLITICS - Report 10 Jul 2019
The Lower House approved the main text for Pension Reform with 379 votes in favor and 131 against. The landslide vote represents another important victory for the government. It is also a win for Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), who was responsible for securing support. Maia also voted in favor of the prop...

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