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The Tax Reform passed under the authority of the law
ECUADOR - In Brief 29 Nov 2021
Ironically, it was the UNES party that allowed the tax reform to become an effective bill, to be applied next January. The bill passed by the authority of the law without changes since legislators could not reach an agreement either for its approval, its rejection or its archival. Legislators who...

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Tax reform approval still not secured
ECUADOR - In Brief 25 Nov 2021
After an incomplete second debate of the tax reform, the government still does not have the necessary 70 votes for its approval. Pachakutik (27 votes), Izquierda Democratica (17 votes), BAN (25 votes) could approve the tax reform if their suggested modifications are taken into consideration.And e...

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Ecuador: Open for business
ECUADOR - Forecast 19 Nov 2021
Around 300 business national and international business people gathered last Thursday to learn about the investment opportunities in Ecuador, that according to President Lasso sum $30b over four years. Areas where the Republic has the most important portfolio of projects are hydrocarbons, mining...

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A full political agenda for the coming weeks
ECUADOR - In Brief 04 Nov 2021
President Lasso continues his official tour through Europe, where he attended the 26th UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow and is currently presenting the Ecuadorian investment portfolio to government officers and private businessmen in Spain. In the meanwhile, the Commission of Constitutiona...

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A trapped president
ECUADOR - Report 22 Oct 2021
President Lasso is trapped in a power battle with the Assembly, which is the omen of a lose-lose situation unless both sides seek ways to lower the political heat. Ever since the CAL rejected the mega-bill project, conflict between the parties has escalated, with mutual accusations. Finally, Lass...

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Solomonic decisions ahead
ECUADOR - In Brief 30 Sep 2021
As we expected, five of the seven members of the Administrative Committee from the Assembly (CAL) rejected the bill Creating Opportunities submitted personally by president Guillermo Lasso for the legislators’ approval. They justified their decision alleging the project referred to multiple topic...

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The clock is ticking
ECUADOR - In Brief 23 Sep 2021
Guillermo Lasso will personally present the labor and tax reforms together with other bills to the assembly on Friday, September 24, after socializing their main contents tonight. The government has decided to send these bills together as one economically urgent law. In this fashion, the Assembly...

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Webinar Replay: Rethinking Ecuador: Is now the time?
ECUADOR - Report 17 Sep 2021
Visit our calendar page to watch Magdalena Barreiro discuss how ​ a new IMF program, higher commodities prices, and a centrist president appear to have Ecuador positioned for a comeback, and the risks and opportunities in the country’s current macro and political environment.

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Dark clouds coming from the Assembly
ECUADOR - Report 13 Sep 2021 1 response
The political sky looks mostly blue after the first 100 days of President Guillermo Lasso’s government. His popularity has hit record highs at 75%, and the government celebrated its 100th day with over nine million Ecuadorians vaccinated, placing Ecuador as Number One in the world in vaccines app...

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