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South Africa's conference call on May 29 - Post-election politics: "Last chance for the ANC?"
SOUTH AFRICA - Report 17 May 2019
Last chance for the ANC? How will the ANC’s reduced majority impact the reform process going forward? Is the new cabinet ideal for the revival of South Africa’s economy? Did Ramaphosa win the mandate he needs to propel the moral revival of the ANC and the country? Where to from here for the SA e...

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South Africa’s list of MPs causes some disgruntlement while the nation awaits the appointment of President Ramaphosa’s new cabinet
SOUTH AFRICA - Report 17 May 2019
Now that the general elections have come and gone, the focus in South Africa has shifted back to the African National Congress (ANC) and the integrity of its members, particularly those that will be representing the party in parliament. President Cyril Ramaphosa has based his two campaigns – the ...

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ANC announces premier candidates for provinces it will govern
SOUTH AFRICA - Report 14 May 2019
Following its elections win last week, the African National Congress (ANC) party convened a special national executive committee meeting on Monday, May 13, 2019, at which it presented seven of its eight premier candidates for provinces in which it received the majority vote. The premier for one o...

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South African 2019 Elections: Vote Counting Completed, 23000 Voting Stations Tallied and The Nation Can Now Breath- but only just!
SOUTH AFRICA - In Brief 11 May 2019
A few minutes ago, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) confirmed that the 2019 elections votes are 100% counted, and tallied. The official ceremony later today at 18h00 will be held at the IEC headquarters where the results will be officially confirmed, certified and announced. In the mean...

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South African 2019 Elections Vote Counting Continues: Gains , Pains and the Rule of Numbers
SOUTH AFRICA - In Brief 10 May 2019
With over 70% of South Africa's 23000 voting stations counted and tallied, gradually a picture is emerging, much in line with expectations, and with some variations. At the national level, the ANC is leading with a 57% voter support, DA at around 22% and the EFF at circa 10%. Curiously, all the p...

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South Africa 2019 Elections: Voting Done yesterday, Today is all about Counting and the Game of Numbers
SOUTH AFRICA - In Brief 09 May 2019
South Africa's 6th democratic national elections went relatively smoothly yesterday. Months and months of tense, vigorous and emotional electioneering ended yesterday with 24.75 million eligible voters registered, 9.2 million eligible voters who did not register, 48 political parties battled for ...

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SA’s 2019 elections on May 8: Major political parties polished off their final rallies
SOUTH AFRICA - Report 06 May 2019
South Africa’s top three contending political parties, the African National Congress (ANC), the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the Democratic Alliance (DA) held their final rallies over the past weekend, with the hope of securing more support so as to be crowned as the nation’s governing par...

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South Africa’s general elections five days away – here are the latest pollsters results
SOUTH AFRICA - Report 03 May 2019
The South African economy has had difficulty recovering from its lackluster growth for a decade, and leadership (governance) and policies have played a significant role in this. The direction the economy will take from here largely depends on the outcome of the general elections that are less tha...

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The President ups the game in “stamping out corruption"
SOUTH AFRICA - Report 02 May 2019
​After being elected as the new leader of South Africa’s governing party ANC (December 21, 2017) and being sworn in as the fifth democratic President of the nation (February 15, 2018), Cyril Ramaphosa pledged to fight corruption and support economic revival. Indeed, this has been his aim since th...

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