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Gates of the unknown open wide
UKRAINE - Report 15 May 2019
Three weeks have passed since the name of the sixth president of Ukraine was confirmed. But neither key appointments nor the first steps of the new administration have been announced. President-elect Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s advisors are busily making comments, but none of these speakers have offici...

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The NBU cuts policy rate by 0.5 ppt down to 17.5%
UKRAINE - In Brief 25 Apr 2019
On April 25, the NBU Board approved policy rate cut by 0.5 ppt down to 17.5%. Relatively smooth election process, steady national currency and further inflation easing (+0.9% m/m or +8.6% y/y in March) are behind the decision. But peaceful elections without confrontation, probably, were the main ...

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Exit Polls: Zelenskiy Wins with 73.2% Support
UKRAINE - In Brief 21 Apr 2019
Volodymyr Zelenskiy – 73.2% Petro Poroshenko – 25.3% The final result might differ a bit but the winner of the race is obvious. Variety of versions why Poroshenko got that dramatic defeat. My personal view, Ukrainians did not forgive his greediness and permissiveness for cronies. That’s why all a...

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Understanding Zelenskiy
UKRAINE - Report 16 Apr 2019 1 response
Recent polls show that comedian Volodymyr Zelenskiy is very likely to beat President Petro Poroshenko in the second round of voting on April 21st, and by an impressive margin. Evidently only a miracle can save incumbent from defeat. So Zelenskiy will probably become Ukraine’s sixth president. Is ...

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Fresh Polls: Zelenskiy Leads
UKRAINE - In Brief 11 Apr 2019
GB: Brexit is the greatest prank of the decade! UA: Hold my beer Yesterday journalists and bloggers close to President Poroshenko sadly discussed in social media fresh polls from Razumkov Center. The official release of the numbers is expected to be today. However, since the info leaked through p...

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Zelenskiy Reports First 10 Steps at the Presidential Post
UKRAINE - In Brief 10 Apr 2019
Media released a list of first 10 steps Volodymyr Zelenskiy plans to deliver immediately after becoming the president. It’s a first reasonable message Ukrainian voters received from the presidential candidate. Names of potential candidates for the position of General Prosecutor and the Head of th...

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Presidential Debates at the National Olympic Stadium
UKRAINE - In Brief 04 Apr 2019
As soon as exit-polls were released on Sunday, there has unfolded a discussion whether Zelenskiy will go to the debate or will skip them.The point is that the presidential race frontrunner Volodymyr Zelenskiy appeared to be a poor public speaker. It was a shocking finding for many Ukrainians. Peo...

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No Surprises: Zelenskiy & Poroshenko Pass to Second Round
UKRAINE - In Brief 31 Mar 2019
National exit polls replicated survey results we’ve been observing over the last few months. The only surprise was for Ihor Smeshko, ex-Head of Security Bureau of Ukraine who managed to collect substantial support starting from zero just few months ago. Yulia Tymoshenko most likely will not recog...

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Election fever, with Zelenskiy ahead; Hryvnia strong
UKRAINE - Report 13 Mar 2019 1 response
Election madness reigns in Ukraine, with nearly every day bringing a new shocking headline. The Constitutional Court has dropped the “illicit enrichment” provision; a defense procurements scandal has blown up; a decree raising natural gas rates has been rescinded -- and more. Against this wild...

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