Vladimir Dubrovskiy
Former Advisor, State Property Fund
Dmytro Boyarchuk
Executive Director, CASE-Ukraine


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Recent Country Insights

Decisive battle over Ukrainian south looms
UKRAINE · Report · 28 Mar 2023

The Russians failed to seize Bakhmut, despite the huge efforts they devoted to taking the town. The goal of Ukrainian forces was to exhaust the Russians as much as possible before the spring counter-offensive started. Sitting in defense in Bakhmut was a good position for the Ukrainian Army to cau...

The first year of the war
UKRAINE · In Brief · 24 Feb 2023

A year ago, we woke up to a new reality. It was a day when all Ukrainians had to start anew, reevaluating themselves and their surroundings. However, it was also a day that put everything in its place. All the previously complex issues became simple and clear with just one click. The Russian lead...

Special Report: Economic Priorities in Post-war Ukraine
UKRAINE · Report · 21 Feb 2023

The CASE Center for Social and Economic Research has just finished a report “Economic Priorities in Post-war Ukraine”. A group consisting of ourselves and other economists has been working on this over the last 8 months, and it is fundamental research on the issue of post-war recovery. Unlike ot...

Big battles ahead, as economy hangs on foreign support
UKRAINE · Report · 23 Jan 2023

Since mid-December, most media attention has been focused on two small towns in Eastern Ukraine — Bakhmut and Soledar. The Russians have been intensively burning through their manpower in frontal attacks on both. By mid-January, Soledar had been captured by Russian forces, but in light of Russia’...

Power grids attacked; Kherson liberated; plans for 2023
UKRAINE · Report · 16 Nov 2022

The liberation of Kherson in mid-November was a turning point in Russia’s war. In February, everyone wondered how quickly Ukraine would fall, but through spring the key element was the ability of Ukraine’s Armed Forces to withstand Russia’s “artillery firewall.” By summer, everyone was wondering ...

Ukrainian forces entered Kherson
UKRAINE · In Brief · 11 Nov 2022

We have many photos evidencing that Ukrainian forces entered Kherson. Below is the photo of the central square of Kherson with the Ukrainian flag and people gathering with Ukrainian national symbolic. It looks like the main Russian forces indeed have left the west bank of Dnipro river.

Ukrainian forces report big progress near Kherson
UKRAINE · In Brief · 10 Nov 2022

Today we have a flow of reports about many villages near Kherson that Ukrainian forces liberated. The most impressive was information that Ukrainian forces entered Tomaryne, a village just 8 km from Beryslav and 14 km from Nova Kahovka. The General Staff is still not rushing to jump in euphoria o...

Russians claim troops are leaving Kherson but this might be a trap
UKRAINE · In Brief · 09 Nov 2022

Today in the morning there were stingy reports about Ukrainian forces taking Snihurivka, a critical stronghold of Russian frontline to the North of Kherson. Heavy fights for Snihurivka have lasted for several months. We do not know what happened whether Russians just withdrew or Ukrainian forces ...

Spending plan 2023: budget deficit of 20.6% of GDP and huge spending on defense
UKRAINE · In Brief · 04 Nov 2022

Yesterday, on November 3nd, Verkhovna Rada approved spending plan 2023. It presumes a deficit of 20.6% of GDP or $30.7 billion. Also the plan defines huge spending on defense on the level of $27 billion or 18.2% of GDP (44% of total budget spending). The approved spending plan tells that the defi...

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