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Gsp report report thumbnail
Well-organized Chavista minority beats disorganized majority opposition
VENEZUELA - Report 30 Nov 2021
As we had forecast, the Maduro coalition took most of the seats under contention despite its having won a minority of the votes: with only 46% of the votes, it obtained 19 of 24 governorships and 205 of 335 mayorships. More important is what these elections tell the opposition about the relative ...

Gsp report report thumbnail
Disinflation surprises
VENEZUELA - Report 12 Nov 2021
Thanks to aggressive central bank intervention in the foreign exchange market and an acceleration in public outlays milder than we had expected, October’s monthly inflation rate came in at 9 percent. This marks a slowdown from September’s 10 percent and was lower than the 15-percent rate we had p...

Gsp report report thumbnail
The origins and consequences of opposition splinters
VENEZUELA - Report 02 Nov 2021
The question as to whether to boycott elections has caused a progressive splintering of the opposition. Some individuals and groups bent on participating in elections officially break off from their parties or coalitions to do so; others simply participate in disregard for their parties’ official...

Gsp report forecast thumbnail
2021–2022 forecast: more benign scenario won’t end hardship
VENEZUELA - Forecast 28 Oct 2021
We continue to see severe hardship ahead for most Venezuelans. Nonetheless, our revised forecast scenario is slightly more benign than that of three months ago. We revise up our outlook for growth. We now see a 2.5 percent pace of expansion for 2021, up from our earlier projection of 0.8 perc...

Gsp in brief thumbnail
All roads lead to Mexico but no one travels them
VENEZUELA - In Brief 16 Oct 2021
A new round of negotiations was scheduled to begin in Mexico tomorrow, October 17. At the time of writing, the Maduro government announced it suspends negotiations in protest against Alex Saab’s extradition to the United States by Cape Verde on money laundering charges. It’s too soon to tell how ...

Gsp report report thumbnail
Revised inflation outlook
VENEZUELA - Report 12 Oct 2021
In September, because of ample cash dollar supplies by the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) throughout the month, the bolivar strengthened to an exchange rate where a dollar fetched fewer than four bolivars. Consumer prices advanced by a mere 10 percent, half the speed we had previously forecast. ...

Gsp in brief thumbnail
No news is... no news
VENEZUELA - In Brief 05 Oct 2021
The communiqué issued in Mexico on September 27, 2021, indicates the parties' willingness to continue negotiating and make the negotiations more inclusive through a consultation and participation mechanism involving political and social, national and international, actors. The government swiftly ...

Gsp in brief thumbnail
Quick update on the Mexico talks
VENEZUELA - In Brief 23 Sep 2021
Maduro: let’s talk about SDRs In response to a proposal put forth by the Maduro government, the agenda for the September 24–27 session of the Mexico talks will include the issue of access to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) recently assigned to Venezuela. By pro...

Gsp report report thumbnail
Opposition discord and its consequences
VENEZUELA - Report 21 Sep 2021
With only two months remaining before election day, the opposition has failed not only to finish choosing all its candidates but also to practice consistent messaging as to whether it will even take part in elections. Moreover, it is neglecting the task of readying itself to be able to detect, do...

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