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Poll results: Reelection is highly unpopular but Medina remains popular
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - In Brief 17 May 2019
At the beginning of May, the results of the first two well-known political surveys were published: Mark Penn and Gallup-Hoy. The most outstanding are the following: 1) An amendment of the Constitution to allow President Medina to run for a third term is rejected by a solid majority (60% -70%). 2)...

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Global bonds allocation in sight
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - In Brief 16 May 2019
As we noted in our last monthly report, the Ministry of Finance is preparing to issue and allocate global bonds in the international market. The information was provided yesterday by Minister Donald Guerrero, who also indicated that the unusual delay in the placement of the 2019 bonds has been du...

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Medina’s re-election push loses steam
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Report 02 May 2019
President Danilo Medina’s re-election prospects took a dramatic turn for the worse in April, dimming so significantly that his candidacy now looks unlikely to regain momentum. Unless he does the improbable (by seeking a constitutional reform against all odds, thereby risking his PLD party’s unity...

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Medina gets his way with the new Supreme Court, at a cost
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - In Brief 10 Apr 2019
Last week the National Council of the Judiciary (NCJ) selected the new Thursdays that will be part of the Supreme Court of Justice. The CNM had the responsibility of selecting (or ratifying in its posts) 12 judges, out of a total of 16 judges that make up the court. Of the 12, only 3 were ratifie...

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Could Margarita break the PLD deadlock?
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Report 05 Apr 2019
Robust growth and low inflation marked the beginning of 2019, with economic activity expanding 5.9% between January and February, and February inflation at 0.37%. Accumulated inflation through February was 0.2%, and annualized inflation was 1.19% -- well below the lower limit of the Monetary Prog...

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A cry for re-election?
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Forecast 07 Mar 2019
Growth continues to be remarkable, with real GDP rising 7% in 2018. Inflation, at 1.17%, fell significantly below the lower limit of the target range, and financial institutions’ performance was robust. Although the CAD increased to the equivalent of 1.4% of GDP, reserves remained strong, and FX ...

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The new law on elections is disappointing
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - In Brief 12 Feb 2019
Last night, the Chamber of Representatives approved the bill on the electoral regime. The bill was passed by the Senate last week. The aim of the law is to create a new and modern electoral regime to complement the party law passed last year, which with shortcomings, was a step forward because it...

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A year of definition
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Report 04 Feb 2019
For obvious reasons, 2019 is a year of political definition towards the general elections of May 2020. The political parties must choose their candidates for President and Vice-President, the Senate (32 positions), the Chamber of Representatives (190 positions), and also for more than 350 local g...

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Moderate fiscal misalignment in 2018
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - In Brief 01 Feb 2019
Recently, the Ministry of Finance announced that in 2018 the Central Government's deficit reached DOP 97.7 bn or 2.4% of GDP. That is DOP 22.2 bn more than the target set in the budget law. The deficit of the NFPS reached DOP 104.6 bn or 2.6% of GDP, DOP 25.7 bn more than the target. Both cases w...

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