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The government is serious about selling shares of Punta Catalina power plants
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - In Brief 08 Jan 2019
Yesterday, the Ministry of Finance informed that it has selected Guggenheim Securities to advise the government in the design of a potential tender for the sale of the shares of the Punta Catalina Thermoelectric Power Plant. The announcement shows that the intentions of the government are serious...

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Powerful across-the-board growth
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Report 03 Jan 2019
Executive Summary Real GDP growth for 2018 should come in at 7%, the Central Bank reported, after expansions of 6.8% in October, 7.2% in November and 7.1% (estimated) in December. Growth was strong across sectors, with communications, construction, free zones and heath particularly robust. Accumu...

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​President Medina makes his mark in the Constitutional Court
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - In Brief 31 Dec 2018
President Medina has just left his mark in the Constitutional Court. As mandated by the Constitution, four of the thirteen judges that make up that court were replaced, and as expected, the new appointees changed the balance of power within the court. Although Medina did not manage to get full co...

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Assessing the new relationship with China
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Report 07 Dec 2018
Executive Summary Economic activity expansion has been amazing all year, rising 6.9% to Q3, while the Monthly Indicator of Economic Activity showed an expansion of 8.6% in September. Inflation remained low (0.22%) in October, and the annualized rate reached 3.52%, within the target range set in t...

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Three glorious quarters
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Forecast 07 Nov 2018
Executive Summary Economic activity grew 7.3% in Q3, from Q3 2017, and cumulative 2018 growth to September was 6.9%. These are extraordinary figures that surprised even the most optimistic observers. Inflation remained very low in September, up 0.08% from August, while accumulated January-Septemb...

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Growth is hectic
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Report 02 Oct 2018
Executive Summary Economic expansion continues to be powerful. GDP growth January-July was up 6.7% from the same period last year, with all activities registering relatively high growth rates. Monetary policy also continues stable. The restricted monetary base December-August was down 5.41%; the ...

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The race towards 2020 elections already started; Fernández pulled ahead
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Report 30 Aug 2018
Executive Summary Although others had formally launched their pre-campaign activities aimed at getting the PLD nomination for the presidency, the rally staged by former President Leonel Fernández to inaugurate his pre-campaign was the one that marked the beginning of the race to the 2020 presiden...

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Habemus law on political parties, at the speed of light
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - In Brief 13 Aug 2018
As expected, in a matter of hours, the Senate voted for the bill on political parties approved the previous day by the Chamber of Representatives. Today, President Medina signed the bill. In our next monthly report, we will provide an account of the law, as well as an analysis of winners and lose...

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Political parties law: Medina gets half of a victory
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - In Brief 09 Aug 2018
Tuesday night, the Chamber of Representatives voted positively for a law of parties that allows parties to choose the procedure to elect nominees for President and Vicepresident, members of Congress and local authorities. The bill was supported by danilistas and allied parties, and PRM representa...