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​Indonesia: Vision 2019-2024
INDONESIA - Report 31 Jul 2019
President Joko Widodo, acting as president-elect for 2019-2024, recently outlined his vision for the second term of his presidency. His speech was a strong one, showing his great confidence in running his second term, starting in October 2019. There are five priorities that President Joko Widodo ...

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With Widodo’s confirmation, the economic future looks bright
INDONESIA - Report 01 Jul 2019 1 response
Indonesia’s Constitutional Court finally decided to declare an electoral victory for incumbent President Joko Widodo and his running mate Ma’ruf Amien, in the wake of the contested April 17th presidential election. With that decision, Widodo will be allowed to continue leading the country for a s...

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​Indonesia: The ball is in the Constitutional Court
INDONESIA - Report 31 May 2019
The Indonesian election, which was held on April 17, 2019, has reached a more advanced stage. The formal outcome of the election was announced ahead of schedule, on May 21, 2019, by the Election Commission, with the incumbent, Joko Widodo, winning by a significant margin of 10%. However, the chal...

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​Indonesia: Waiting for the final count
INDONESIA - Report 01 May 2019
Immediately after the people cast their votes on April 17, 2019, there was a short period of uncertainty, after one presidential candidate claimed his victory several times in the race for the presidency. Acting as a real statesman, President Jokowi gave a short speech, in which in general he wel...

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Indonesia: Quick Count Result
INDONESIA - In Brief 17 Apr 2019
Indonesian Presidential Election has been done in Indonesia today, April 17, 2019 peacefully. There were no reports of conflicts during the election done throughout the islands of Indonesia. As predicted by majority of polling companies, President Jokowi won the election based on the quick count ...

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​Indonesia: On the run-up to the presidential election
INDONESIA - Report 01 Apr 2019
In the month of March, everyone in the country was stung by election fever - not only intellectuals or the middle class, but also people at the grass-roots level. In fact, one candidate used a strategy effectively implemented by President Donald Trump, which is “the firehose of the falsehood” str...

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​Indonesia: Arguing the accuracy of the national account statistics
INDONESIA - Report 28 Feb 2019
The Indonesian Central Board of Statistics released in early February the national accounts data for the Q4 2018 performance of the economy. As predicted in our earlier report, in Q4 2018 the economy was reported to have grown at the rate of 5.18%, which led to overall growth of 5.17% for the ent...

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Improving investors’ confidence
INDONESIA - Report 01 Feb 2019
In the last quarter of 2018 and in January 2019, we have seen the return of investors’ appetite to invest in Indonesia. The Indonesian stock market has been surging on the back of improved capital inflows. As of this writing, the Jakarta Composite Index, the country’s main stock market index, has...

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Ending 2018 with confidence
INDONESIA - Report 28 Dec 2018
The month of December 2018 is set to end with greater confidence. Indonesian President Joko Widodo inaugurated the last stretches of the Trans Java toll road on December 20, 2018, and on the following day holiday travelers started to utilize the road happily. Many Indonesians celebrate Christmas ...

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