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Mauricio Gonzalez
Former Director of Economic Policy, Finance Ministry
Guillermo Valdes
Former Director, Center of Investigation & National Security
Jesus Reyes Heroles G.G.
Former Secretary of Energy; Ambassador to the U.S.

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Politics: Major offensive against election officials
MEXICO - Report 12 Apr 2021
With the elections two months away, the president and his party have begun a steady barrage of attacks and threats against the National Electoral Institute (INE), the organizer and arbitrator of the electoral process. The offensive began in earnest after the institute voted on March 25 to rule sc...

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Economics: External sector recovery with persistent internal market weakness
MEXICO - Report 12 Apr 2021
In recent weeks institutions and analysts have been upwardly revising their Mexico GDP projections for 2021, with most now roughly or exactly in line with the 4.5% growth estimate that we have maintained since January. These upward revisions are explained by the extent to which the US economy is ...

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Economics: Strong demand abroad but a weak homefront
MEXICO - Report 29 Mar 2021
Economic results published during March tended to confirm the growing consensus that Mexico’s 2021 economic prospects are looking slightly better, with much of that improvement a reflection of the brighter US outlook that can be expected to spill over on multiple fronts, ranging from increased de...

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Politics: Voter preferences remain unclear
MEXICO - Report 29 Mar 2021
This week candidates can begin campaigning for the June 6 elections at a time when the general context has been trending against the current administration and the partial electoral coalition it is taking into the midterm contests for the lower chamber of Congress. And just in time for the occasi...

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Economics: A brighter 2021 foreign trade outlook but risks remain
MEXICO - Report 22 Mar 2021
Institutions and analysts continue to raise their 2021 economic projections for Mexico on the back of expectations of stronger growth globally. The improved Mexican forecasts reflect expectations of how much stronger US industrial activity, which we expect will expand 4.7% this year, and economic...

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Politics: Rule of law in further jeopardy
MEXICO - Report 22 Mar 2021
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s Electricity Industry Law (LIE), recently approved by Congress, has been temporarily suspended. The new legislation, backed by Morena and its allies and rejected by the opposition, reverses the previous administration’s energy policies, which were based on a...

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Economics: Credit to the private sector starts its slide
MEXICO - Report 16 Mar 2021
All components of finance to the private sector have begun to show signs of weakening, just as had been expected. While commercial banking solvency indexes were still suggesting late last fall that the system is relatively well capitalized on average, some banks were in barely satisfactory ranges...

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Politics: Women’s condition, demands and movement
MEXICO - Report 15 Mar 2021
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador had at least a full year in which to rethink his mistake of having come out against the largest wave of women’s rights protests in the nation’s history. Following months of demonstrations sparked by especially gruesome murders of young women and girls and a l...

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Politics: Governability at risk, Part II
MEXICO - Report 08 Mar 2021
The complicated governability equation of the first two years of an administration with a severe governing capacity deficit for solving the country’s most pressing problems shows adverse results for President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his 4T project that are unlikely to be reversed before h...

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