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Mauricio Gonzalez
Former Director of Economic Policy, Finance Ministry
Guillermo Valdes
Former Director, Center of Investigation & National Security
Jesus Reyes Heroles G.G.
Former Secretary of Energy; Ambassador to the U.S.

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Mexico conference call: Mexico's economic outlook: Pragmatism or promises?
MEXICO - Report 16 Jan 2019
Can the recently-passed 2019 Budget deliver fiscal results consistent with public sector debt stability? How will AMLO's policies and outlook impact the country's oil industry and its potential to bolster government revenue and economic activity? How will AMLO fund his top priorities, and how wil...

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Economics: Risk outlook for 2019
MEXICO - Report 14 Jan 2019
Economic outlookMacroeconomic risk conditions during 2017 and 2018The Mexican economy experienced conditions of notable uncertainty and risk during 2017 and 2018, largely in response to developments internationally and the complicated evolution of Nafta modernization trade talks between Mexico, t...

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Politics: Judicial power at a crossroads
MEXICO - Report 14 Jan 2019
Political outlook A January 2 vote by the eleven members of Mexico’s highest court chose Arturo Zaldívar to preside over the Supreme Court for the next four years (2019-2022). Seven of the eleven members of the court voted for Zaldivar. It is important to note that all eleven justices collectivel...

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Politics: Discontent with 2019 budget grows
MEXICO - Report 26 Dec 2018
Political OutlookThe administration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador sent the Mexican Congress its full 2019 budget proposals on December 15. Given the absence of any significant changes to tax rates, the revenue side of that package has not attracted much controversy. The spending bill, ...

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Economics: Budget search for credibility lost
MEXICO - Report 26 Dec 2018
Economic OutlookMacroeconomic framework for 2019On December 15, Minister of Finance, Carlos Urzúa, sent the Mexican Congress the full Economic Package for 2019, which consists of the Criterios Generales de Política Economica (general economic policy criteria) text containing the macroeconomic and...

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Economics: The expanding toll of government uncertainty
MEXICO - Report 17 Dec 2018
Economic Outlook Ever since it became clear Andrés Manuel López Obrador had won the July 1 presidential election, economic agents have experienced growing uncertainty regarding the policies the new government seeks to implement. Such apprehension is also apparent in the opinions expressed by majo...

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Politics: What a difference an inauguration makes
MEXICO - Report 17 Dec 2018
Political Outlook The most recent GEA-ISA quarterly survey — for which interviews were conducted in home with 1,000 registered voters between December 3 and 5 — reflects social perceptions immediately following the December 1 inauguration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador regarding the new...

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Mexico's president in search for lost credibility
MEXICO - In Brief 16 Dec 2018
As you know the economic and fiscal package was submitted yesterday to Mexican Congress. It is expected to be approved by sometime next week with no maor changes. In general it is designed to preserve economic stabilty next year, after consider loss of confidence by cancelling Mexico City new air...

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Politics: Inaugural festivities and the 4T
MEXICO - Report 11 Dec 2018
Political Outlook The events and speeches of December 1 (the official inaugural address before Congress and the public festivities and a second address by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on the Zocalo square facing the National Palace), fleshed out the new head of state’s concept of the Fou...