Mauricio Gonzalez
Former Director of Economic Policy, Finance Ministry
Jesus Reyes Heroles G.G.
Former Secretary of Energy; Ambassador to the U.S.
Guillermo Valdes
Former Director, Center of Investigation & National Security


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LatAm Webinar: Reforms Galore - Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico...
Tuesday, April 4, 2023 at 08:00AM

Recent Country Insights

Politics: Current electoral trends and the presidential succession
MEXICO · Report · 27 Mar 2023

With election campaigning officially set to begin in the State of Mexico and Coahuila gubernatorial races in the first few days of April, observers are closely watching the trends and outcome to consider their possible impact on the 2024 races, when the presidency, state, municipal and local gove...

Economics: Commercial banks look solid, but some non-bank banks may prove the soft underbelly
MEXICO · Report · 27 Mar 2023

Following the recent events involving a number of banks in the United States (the failures in short order of Silicon Valley Bank, Silvergate Bank and Signature Bank and financial problems at First Republic Bank) and in Europe (e.g., Credit Suisse and its sudden acquisition by UBS), speculation ha...

Economics: Continuing export strength potentially threatened by the direction of US demand
MEXICO · Report · 21 Mar 2023

Economic activity data for January and February has delivered mixed results in the case of manufacturing and construction, as have consumer and business confidence indicators. US industrial production, with its decisive incidence on Mexican manufacturing, has been slowing over the past three mon...

Politics: The contradictions and problems of militarizing public security
MEXICO · Report · 20 Mar 2023

The twin issues of public security and its militarization, specifically the role of the Armed Forces and National Guard, are once again on the front burner in Mexico. The latest spark was a February 26 incident involving students traveling home after a night of partying in border city Nuevo Lared...

Economics: Core inflation remains high in February
MEXICO · Report · 13 Mar 2023

On Thursday, March 10, inflation figures were released showing that the index increased 7.6% at an annual rate. This represented a reduction with respect to the previous month (7.91%) and to what the market expected, but only due to the non-core component, since the core index continues to regist...

Politics: Border violence, blame for illicit fentanyl trade stokes crisis in US-Mexican security collaboration
MEXICO · Report · 13 Mar 2023

Mexican-US relations have become strained in the past few weeks. While there have been disagreements in the recent past over immigration, economic issues, Washington’s perceived intervention in Latin America, and human rights issues, recent developments in security and anti-drug efforts have put ...

Politics: Significance and implications of the second mass civil society mobilization
MEXICO · Report · 06 Mar 2023 · 1 response

A new potential force is entering the electoral panorama in Mexico and it might be a game changer. On Sunday, February 25 an estimated 1.2 million citizens took to the streets in 100 cities throughout the country in defense of the autonomy and ongoing autonomous functioning of the National Electo...

Economics: February economic data shows growth continues to slow as inflation remains high
MEXICO · Report · 06 Mar 2023

Economic indicators released last month showed continuing growth in key areas of industrial and service activity, as well as evidence that the slower pace that began to emerge over the course of the fourth quarter extended into 2023. They also showed that inflation remains sticky, especially in t...

Politics: Stage set for final showdowns over electoral arbiter and rules for the 2024 elections
MEXICO · Report · 27 Feb 2023

With showdowns looming in the extended fight over which rules and what sort of arbiter will preside over the 2024 elections, all sides are stepping up their efforts. Opposition parties, civil society organizations and others are increasingly allied in challenging many of the laws passed recently ...

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