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US oil imports from Russia highest since 2013
RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 22 Aug 2019
The US Energy Information Administration stated on August 20 that US oil and petroleum imports are the highest since 2013. The US bought almost 62 million barrels of crude or petroleum from Russia from January to May 2019. This is almost a 10% increase on the equivalent period in 2018. Russian oi...

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Essential CIS Politics: August 2019
RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - Report 21 Aug 2019
More US sanctions on Russia are unlikely to have much impact. Large-scale demonstrations surprise Russia but peter out. The conflict in eastern Ukraine is largely calming down. Atambaev, the former President of Kyrgyzstan, has been arrested after violent clashes around his home.

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US sanctions in Venezuela and Iran boost Russian oil revenue
RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 20 Aug 2019
Russia earned an additional USD 905 million from November 2018 to July 2019 due to US sanctions on Venezuela and Iran. The Russian Urals blend of crude has traded at premium to Brent. The OPEC production cut has also helped Russia. There is not much sour crude on the market. Urals is at its zenit...

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Russia keen to avoid a nuclear arms race
RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 19 Aug 2019
On August 18 the Russian Minister Defense announced his country's intention to avert a nuclear arms race. The United States repudiated the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty earlier in August 2019. The US alleges that Russia possesses a type of nuclear arms that are prohibited under the ter...

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Fear of nuclear arms race
RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 13 Aug 2019
More information has been has been discovered about the August 8 nuclear accident in Russia. On August 8 accident took place at off Archangelsk killing 5 nuclear weapons experts. At the funeral of the scientists the head of the nuclear arms program praised the men for their courage. The US suspec...

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Russia's credit rating now BBB
RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 12 Aug 2019
On August 9 Fitch Ratings lifted Russia's credit rating to BBB. Fitch said the rating move was due to sound public spending policy and a proper strategy to limit inflation. BBB is still the second lowest rating for countries that are basically stable. Standard and Poor's also rates Russia at BBB....

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Calm restored in Kyrgyzstan
RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 11 Aug 2019
On August 8 the ex-president Atambaev was arrested. He is facing charges of corruption and abuse of power. Atambaev's supporters had tried to prevent his arrest. Fighting led to the death of one police officer and the injury of 80 people. Order has now been restored.At the start of August there w...

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Russia sees largest protests since 2011
RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 11 Aug 2019
On August 10 at least 20 000 people attended an illegal protest in Moscow. The protestors estimated the number at 50 000. The protest was against arbitrary decision to ban opposition candidates from the local elections due on September 8. Well known performers such as the rapper Oxymiron attended...

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Clashes in Kyrgyzstan as ex-president defies government
RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS - In Brief 08 Aug 2019
The capital of Kyrgyzstan saw street brawls on August 7 as supporters of the ex-president clashed with the police. Former president Almazbek Atambaev is wanted in court on charges of abuse of power. Atambaev is holed up in his compound just outside the capital Bishkek and refusing to obey subpoen...

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