Ukrainian troops re-enter Kherson
RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS · In Brief · 11 Nov 2022

On November 11 Russia announced that it had completed its withdrawal to the east of the River Dnipro. Kherson was the only Ukrainian regional capital that Russia managed to seize. Russia held it for almost 9 months. Ukraine's regaining it is significant. Russia blew up the Antonivsky Bridge in th...

The federal budget still in surplus in 10M22
RUSSIA ECONOMICS · In Brief · 11 Nov 2022

The Ministry of Finance preliminary reports that the federal budget was in surplus in 10M22 as revenues exceeded R22.1 trln while expenditures were at R22.0 trln. As the ministry stopped publishing detailed fiscal accounts, including adjustments it makes regularly to initial estimates of the budg...

Webinar replay - Colombia: Easier said than done
COLOMBIA · Report · 11 Nov 2022

Get insight into Colombia's macro economic and political outlook. Visit our calendar page to watch the replay of our webinar, "Colombia: Easier said than done", featuring Juan Carlos Echeverry and Andres Escobar discussing Colombia's politics and governance, monetary policy, and how the country ...

Ukrainian forces entered Kherson
UKRAINE · In Brief · 11 Nov 2022

We have many photos evidencing that Ukrainian forces entered Kherson. Below is the photo of the central square of Kherson with the Ukrainian flag and people gathering with Ukrainian national symbolic. It looks like the main Russian forces indeed have left the west bank of Dnipro river.

GULF WEEKLY: Omani income tax law debated, Empower IPO upsized, Qatar loans $1bn to Egypt
GULF COUNTRIES · Report · 10 Nov 2022

A skimmable summary overlaid with our analysis and links. Headlines: * Gulf leaders attended the COP27 summit in Egypt, and Arab funds pledged $24bn in climate funding. * Saudi Arabia has established a hub to capture up to 9m tonnes of CO2 a year. * The Arabian Drilling IPO traded well, a Ma...

Slide presentation - Colombia: Easier said than done
COLOMBIA · Report · 10 Nov 2022

Access the pdf fil​e of the presentation​ from the GlobalSource Partners webinar "Colombia: Easier said than done" for insight into Colombia's macro economic and political outlook.

Bi-Weekly Economic News Summary
KAZAKHSTAN · In Brief · 10 Nov 2022

Oct 27 President: The President of the European Council Charles Michel and the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev discussed a number of issues during a meeting in Astana and agreed to expand cooperation in the mineral resources sector, the development of a "green" economy and internati...

Russia’s current account surplus widens
RUSSIA ECONOMICS · In Brief · 10 Nov 2022

The CBR reported that in 10M22, the current account surplus reached $215.4 bn and increased by $17.7 bn in October as in 9M22, it was at $197.7 bn. The monthly current account surplus in October was close to its average monthly level in 3Q22 (quarterly $51.2 bn) albeit was lower than average mont...

Ukrainian forces report big progress near Kherson
UKRAINE · In Brief · 10 Nov 2022

Today we have a flow of reports about many villages near Kherson that Ukrainian forces liberated. The most impressive was information that Ukrainian forces entered Tomaryne, a village just 8 km from Beryslav and 14 km from Nova Kahovka. The General Staff is still not rushing to jump in euphoria o...

Lula met with the presidents of the House, Senate, and STF, the Transition PEC was discussed, and Lula said he will start announcing the members of his ministerial team after the COP27
BRAZIL POLITICS · Report · 10 Nov 2022

This was Lula’s first meeting with the heads of the two other branches of government since his election. Lula intends to signal the start of a harmonious relationship between the three branches. Some members of Congress who participated in the meetings gave statements about the total amount of fu...

Surprise 3Q GDP growth
PHILIPPINES · In Brief · 10 Nov 2022

GDP grew 7.6% in 3Q, much faster than the 6.1% median forecast of analysts. The seasonally adjusted figures showed GDP growing 2.9% over 2Q, its strongest since 4Q last year and a reversal from the slight dip in 2Q. 3Q performance reveals that the economy continued to benefit from the removal of ...

Inflationary pressure remains low so far
RUSSIA ECONOMICS · In Brief · 10 Nov 2022

Rosstat reported that inflation in October was 0.18% m-o-m which brought inflation YTD and y-o-y to 10.66% and 12.63%. The final inflation in October calculated on a broad consumption basket appeared a bit lower than whet Rosstat reported a few days earlier having provided an estimated based on a...

Russia to withdraw from Kherson
RUSSIA / FSU POLITICS · In Brief · 09 Nov 2022

On November 9 the Defense Minister said he was ordering his soldiers to leave the west bank of the River Dnipro. The Ukrainians have been advancing constantly but very slowly since August 2022. The Defense Minister made a TV broadcast to say it was impossible to supply troops on the west bank of ...

Russians claim troops are leaving Kherson but this might be a trap
UKRAINE · In Brief · 09 Nov 2022

Today in the morning there were stingy reports about Ukrainian forces taking Snihurivka, a critical stronghold of Russian frontline to the North of Kherson. Heavy fights for Snihurivka have lasted for several months. We do not know what happened whether Russians just withdrew or Ukrainian forces ...

Lula scheduled to meet with Lira, Pacheco, and Weber today, the Transition PEC should be outlined after the meetings, and the TCU rejected a request to suspend the payment of Petrobras’s dividends
BRAZIL POLITICS · Report · 09 Nov 2022

Lula will have meetings with the presidents of the House, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), and the Supreme Federal Court, Minister Rosa Weber. The meeting with Lira is scheduled for 10 a.m. He should meet with Pacheco at 1 p.m., and with Rosa Weber at 4 p.m. Lula will on...